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Yoro Yoyo

The Chad Dictator

Name : Yoro Yoyo
Height : 141cm
Birthday : June 29
Fanbase Name : Peasants(Lotnyaka)
Debut Date : July 17, 2020
SPro Debut Date : Sept. 16, 2020

Model Artist: @YoroYoyoVirtual

Live2D: @YoroYoyoVirtual
SPro Illustration Artist: @firestiart

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My Story

Flekeshski lotnyaka! Salutations peasants! Skelskan Yoro Yoyo the supreme leader of Yoyomania graces you with her presence! Yoro, in her infinite wisdom, has decided to spread the glory of Yoyomania across the world, through the latest and greatest Yoyomanian technology.

This revolutionary technology she has dubbed Pyvikeshfle, or in the peasant tongue “v-tubing”. Yoro from birth has been blessed with many skills such as advanced knowledge of nuclear engineering, perfect pitch, 8 octaves of range, and massive pecs. Yoro, with abounding compassion, has decided to lower her skill levels just so that minds are not blown away through the sheer raw energy of her gaming and singing skills.

Yoro, may her reign be long, has decided to ally herself with Shirayuri Production to inspire greatness in their abject time of need. Through this benevolent, or as Yoro might say CHAD, act she has found comrades and advisors to take with her as she plans for world domination.

Join Yoro, may she have mercy on our souls, as she documents her path to glory!



To my fans,

I'm Yoro Yoyo, supreme leader of Yoyomania, and idol in training. I am going to rule the world and show it that Yoyomania is not a nation to be trifled with! I like f***** uhh... video games, singing, reading, drawing....ur mother ahaaha.. I also like watching old/classic movies, and playing tabletop games like VTM! I wanna get my neck sucked someday. I just want to say remember to take care of yourself. You deserve that love, no matter who you are. Everybody deserves kindness. After all, there is no Yoyomania without lowly peasants to worship me.

But...this being said, thank you for your support of me, it means more than I can say. You're all wonderful and I love you all. I'll spank you proud b****.


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