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The Mad Ricebol

Name : Tatsu/Tatsurii/Tatsu Riisa
Height : 152cm
Birthday : Nov. 5
Fanbase Name : RII Squad
Debut Date : Oct. 30, 2020

Model Artist: @sara_hana99

Live2D: @akiisep
SPro Illustration Artist: @firestiart

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My Story

‘Down in the kitchen, where the rice cooker lies, a loving family found a small girl curled up inside.’ Four cups of rice, the love from one family, and a passion for food. These are the ingredients that made Tatsuri Riisa!

The family who unknowingly helped create her one day woke up to find her sleeping in their rice cooker. Her hair was a mess, her clothes non-existent, and she was hungry. Really hungry. They lent her a sweater, filled her with lots of yummy food and tried to teach her how to use a hairbrush, although she couldn’t quite get the hang of that last one. After seeing her adorable nature, shared love for all things food, and out of slight concern for her survival in the real world (she was very clumsy!), the family decided to take Tatsu in as one of their own!

The more they watched Tatsu, the more they realised how much joy she brought them. They wanted Tatsu to be able to share that happiness across the world, and she wanted that too! So, the son introduced Tatsu to live streaming. ‘That! I want to do that!’


To my fans,

Hoi~! My name is Tatsurii, but you can also call me Tatsu or Tat! I am a ricebol VTuber who loves food a "little" bit too much (by a little, I mean a LOT). I really love to stream, especially games like Yakuza! I also love singing, eating, looking at food, buying food, FOO- (rest of message deleted because it was literally about food). 

I am forever grateful for all the support you have shown me, and I hope that I can continue to make you happy, one stream at a time! I'll continue to do my best~!


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