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The Shooting Star Idol

Name : Nyaru/Nyaruchuuu

Height : 162cm

Birthday : Oct. 3

Fanbase Name : Chuuzers

Debut Date : Sept. 6, 2020

Model Artist: @San_sanimation

Live2D: @PipinVT
SPro Illustration Artist: @firestiart

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My Story

In a community full of idols, fans, and wotagei’s, one idol’s passion shone the brightest. Nyaru went from con to con, event to event, performing the songs she held dear, and her fellow idol friends with the same ambitions.

But as her success grew, whispers of rumours began to emerge from the shadows. ‘Did you hear she got money from old slimy guys to start her so called career.’ ‘Well I heard she pushed a girl backstage’ ‘Why is she even here? She’s boring and can’t sing anyway.’ Despite her best efforts the shadows slowly engulfed Nyaru, dimming her once brilliant light. ‘What’s the point of doing this, if my best efforts invoke hatred in others’ hearts….’ Depressed and defeated she regressed to her room, and resorted to watching from the sidelines, penlights in hand.

But something happened that changed everything. A new discovery! VTubers… A way to share her passion on a whole new scale. The light that was once dimmed, began to grow again and push the shadows back!

And so Nyaru began her journey to spread her passion to every corner of the internet. ‘Watch me as I shine brighter than before! My bright new story on the virtual stage!’


To my fans,

Hello! My name is Nyaru, the enteral shooting star vtuber of Spro and its nice to meet CHUUU~☆My favorite activities include singing, idol culture, drinking boba tea, playing arcade and console rhythm games like Groove Coaster and Project Diva, Touhou Project, learning new wotagei chants, and connecting with my Chuuzers~☆

Everyday, I ask to be given a chance. I am grateful for all the chances and continued support everyone has given me so far! I promise, even when things don't turn out or look good, I'll never give up on keeping you smiling until the end of time. Let's work hard to make our dreams come true together~☆

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