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Lavi F. Arseille

The Seedy Alchemist

Name : Lavi F. Arseille

Height : 178cm

Birthday : Nov. 5
Fanbase Name : Customers

Debut Date : TBD

Model Artist: @lfarseille

Live2D: @lfarseille
SPro Illustration Artist: @firestiart

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My Story

From a young age, Lavi F. Arseille found the restrictions on the study of Alchemy to be too restrictive and boring. So it is no surprise that he was kicked out of the Alchemist’s Institute for crimes against humanity.

All he did was casually tamper with the laws of physics (a crime), ignore the natural course of life by creating homunculi (also a crime), and ripping the fabric of spacetime (this too, is a crime). It was around this time that Lavi decided that his dimension was getting a bit too boring and decided to skip town, not at all because he was being hunted by mercenaries, government officials, loan sharks, the local crime family, etc etc.

With his trusty Atelier in hand Lavi fled his dimension and entered ours. Upon arrival and after much failure to peddle his dangerous wares from the cardboard box that is his home, Lavi came upon the internet. The nature of it being an information hub gave way to be a wondrous source with which to find world-ending and delicious recipes (not mutually exclusive). Going to some lengths, he managed to get connection to his box (stealing his neighbor's internet) finding the internet to be far more chaotic than he had hoped, especially the existence of vtubers.

By his design-and not at all an accident by any standard- Lavi found himself in the Shirayuri Production agency to be produced as a talent, all according to his plan, probably.


To my fans,

Welcome to my Atelier, I'm Lavi F Arseille, your friendly neighborhood Alchemist that happens to live in a cardboard box, it's good to meet you.  Please take your time and I hope you enjoy your stay! As for things I like to do, I do things with my voice. I enjoy singing and am exploring the world of voice acting!  While I play a little bit of every genre of games, I do love a good JRPG and twists on older titles like randomizers.  I'm always open to new experiences and hoping to introduce you all to new ones as well!I'm a self proclaimed animation nerd.  I love to dissect the animation of Anime and their openings.  I am also exploring Live2D as a medium.Cooking - it's like Alchemy, but less explosions (usually).  While my specialty is Korean and Japanese, I have a goal to one day make a dish from every country. 

I hope I can share that journey with you all! First and foremost, thank you all for your continued support!  I'll keep working to better myself, and I hope that you all join me in that endeavor!

Second, please, never stop trying to improve yourself.  Don't be afraid to jump out of your comfort zone and push yourself to become better than your present self. 

Embrace yourself, but continue to grow.


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