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Kohana Amano

The Blossoming Wolf

Name : Kohana Amano

Height : 148cm

Birthday : Apr. 26

Fanbase Name : Flowerbuds

Debut Date : Feb. 27, 2021

Model Artist: @erurichu

Live2D: @zerolive2D
SPro Illustration Artist: @firestiart

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My Story

In the not so distant past, there was a wolf who loved her home. The home was surrounded by beautiful hibiscus flowers. Day after day, the wolf would nurture and sing to the flowers, to which their beauty grew in return.

Unfortunately, conflict arose as many people envied the flowers, constantly trying to strip her home of its beauty. Day after day, she defended these flowers, even at great costs to herself, until one day she found herself too injured to carry on with her duty. Moved by the wolf's selflessness, the Goddess of Flowers transformed her into a beautiful maiden. She bestowed upon the maiden a name fitting of her purity, Kohana Amano. The Goddess of Flowers explained that there was another world full of darkness and tasked Kohana to go forth to create a garden, in which she would spread her light and the beauty of her flowers all over that world.

With this quest in mind, Kohana was transported to this new world and went forth to make a garden in her new home. However, she found that even with this new space, she could not reach everybody. Kohana prayed to the Goddess of Flowers and explained her fears. The Goddess gave her answer in the form of a dream. Kohana received a vision of a clan of humans who bore a white lily. These humans would be able to help her reach her wildest dreams. When she found this clan, Kohana was adopted and treated as one of their very own. She received a tiny hat that gave her confidence to perform on the live stage to reach everyone!

As she gains more experience, she will continue to grow, eventually blooming into a beautiful flower, just like the ones she cares for in her garden.


To my fans,

Kohanayo Everybud! It's your flower loving kemonomimi, Kohana, here! I like rhythm games, idols, music, and Vtubing! I also like to take care of animals, do some gardening, as well as learning new recipes to cook. It’s always fun to try new things and I hope that I can make other people happy with my streams.

I hope to continue to grow more confident with each stream that I do, and I want to spread happiness and smiles all clover the world!

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