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Artwork: @tatsuriisa

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About Me


Hi, hello, and welcome! I’m Firestia, or Fire, resident in-house artist & part-time anything else.

I’ve been doing commission work & other odd jobs around the online art world for the better part of a decade now. From making 50¢ commissions on Deviantart, to running art blogs during Tumblr’s dark ages, to now working with teams of artists on projects I could have only dreamed of- like designing & illustrating characters for Youtubers, Vtubers, and even conventions!

I’m honored now to be a part of Shirayuri Production’s growing family, and am looking forward to the opportunities ahead! Each of our talents have something to give to the world, and it’s my hope to help them show off their unique appeal through the art they present themselves with.

Thanks for having me along as we grow & bloom together!

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