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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Vtuber?

A Vtuber, portmanteau of Virtual YouTuber, is an online content creator that uses a virtual avatar, usually in an anime-inspired artstyle, while streaming to an audience. Vtubers are not limited to a streaming platform and can range from virtual concerts, original music, and more.

What is Shirayuri Production?

‍Shirayuri Production is an English Vtuber agency produced by fans, for fans. Starting in August 2020 by CEO Ancho-P, we aim to make our supporters part of our journey while creating a professional environment for VTubers to blossom in their own unique way.

Read more about us here

What does Shirayuri Production offer to the talents?

‍Shirayuri Production offers talents the following:

  • Original or Updated Live2D Model

    • Whether you want to create an original character or update your current models, we can connect you to Live2D model artists and riggers.

  • Management & Guidance

    • From planning your debut to releasing original music, we will guide you on the right path to the goals you’d like to achieve.

  • Financial Assistance

    • We can assist talents financially or with creating a plan to achieve any goals you have in mind.

  • Marketing & Merchandise

    • Opportunities to market yourself to a wider audience via boothing at worldwide events, personalized merchandising, physical and digital advertisements and more. 

  • Event & Sponsorship Opportunities

    • Our agency has strong connections to brands and the anime and Japanese culture convention scene with paid opportunities.

  • Physical & Digital Resources

    • Creating a new streaming layout or assisting you in upgrading your computer parts, our team can provide you the resources you need to thrive.

  • Legal Protections

    • ShirayuriPro  works with pro-bono lawyers to review and create contracts for any unique situation.

  • Blossom Into Who You Want To Be

    • We want to help you blossom into the VTuber you’ve always dreamed of!

How involved is Shirayuri Production management with my Vtubing?

Management at Shirayuri Production is all dependent on the individual talent. Our managers will plan with and assist you according to your own preferences, including weekly team meetings with all staff and talent and individual one-on-one meetings for talent-focused management.

What are the requirements of joining Shirayuri Production?
  • Be at least 18 years old at time of applying

  • Enjoys VTubers and passionate about online content creation 

  • Can conduct streaming activities on a continuous basis

  • Willing to commit to streaming for a year long term

  • Able to communicate in English; knowledge of more than one language is a bonus

  • Enjoys working in a collaborative setting

  • Motivated to blossom into your own unique person

Can I keep my own design if I have one already?

‍Yes. New talents will be able to either design their own VTuber avatar or keep their current design and avatar after joining Shirayuri Production. If you are looking to upgrade your current model, we are happy to discuss this in the audition phase.

Can I send gifts to the talents? How do I send gifts to the talents?

‍Yes, gifts can be sent to the talents*. Gifts for members of Shirayuri Production should be addressed to the specific talent and sent to the following address:

ATTN : [talent’s name]
Shirayuri Production
3711 Long Beach blvd
Suite 4057 # 1077
Long Beach, CA 90807
United States

*Please do not bring gifts directly to the address in person.
*Please do not send perishables.
*Please contact us via for any further questions as well as exceptions.

My question is not listed here. Who can I contact?

If you have a unique question not listed above, please contact us here or at

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