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CEO / Producer

Artwork: @tatsuriisa

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About Me


The founding member of SPro, CEO/ Producer.

Heyo everyone! I'm AnchoP, the Founder and Producer of the English Vtubing agency, Shirayuri Production. I come from a long history in the jpop idol and anime convention scene. I started as a volunteer before working my way up in the scene. I hoped to bring my experience to the vtubing community that I had come to love, while providing my own touch.

I want Spro to be an agency that will always feel cozy and friendly and to be accessible to everyone. I hope you can continue to watch over and support us as we find our way through this long journey. I'd love to get to know you all better so feel free to message me, even if it's just a hello!

Ancho's Motto: Hardwork will always be rewarded!

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